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Silence please… the secret behind Silent Tools

Everything the Silent Tools™ R&D team in Kingdom of Scandinavian country can is based on shopper demands, add curiosity and a desire to the present and you’ll have the formula why the team is therefore wise at innovation.
The scan is marvellous: black wintry water cutting through covered mountains encompassing a recess. typically|this can be} often metropolis, Norway, and it’s where you’ll understand the brains behind the connected Silent Tools + turning adaptors.

Industry 4.0 and so the constant demand for novel innovations is disagreeable for corporations, but Sandvik Coromant in Kingdom of Scandinavian country has created associate degree setting for bright ideas to flourish. many ar still troubled to produce vibration-free turning device lengths on prime of 10 times the gap diameter whereas the team in metropolis is testing bars that will handle double that, presently with property and package package that save valuable time and money for the users. What’s the secret?

“It’s a mixture of the various things,” says R&D manager Anders Digernes. “We have the whole price chain from ideas to finish ready-made merchandise at a lower place identical roof, that provides u. s. access to many numerous competences. Our flat structure structure makes u. s. really versatile and agile in our response to new opportunities, typically famed through R&D’s direct contact with customers.”


Tormod author, a Doctor of Philosophy engineer on the R&D team and one all told the brains behind several patents of the Silent Tools damping system and CoroPlus® detector technology, points to a unique reason. “We ar a locality of the large smart Tools project based mostly by the analysis Council of Kingdom of Scandinavian country, and this has been a key admit our success,” he says.

The SilentTools + turning adaptors ar a locality of the CoroPlus platform, comprising connected tools and package package. Dan Östling, another Doctor of Philosophy engineer on the metropolis team, has been driving the event of the detector and signal technology – technology that unveil a world of latest opportunities for makers from vogue and attending to machining and analysis. R&D engineer contestant Tjomsland demonstrates the interface whereas one all told the operators attaches associate degree extended, vital boring bar to the machine. The icon for centre height displays zero.0°.

“Wow, you acquire it specifically right the first try,” Tjomsland tells the operator.

Without property, operators pay many it slow measurement, listening, feeling and searching before, throughout and once machining. components of the size that this bar can machine ar terribly expensive, that suggests that technique stability is important. throughout a visit to several half manufacturers in Canada, the R&D team complete another challenge – lack of visibility.

“When turning inside long components, it’s terribly hard to grasp what is happening,” Tjomsland says. “In stylish machining centres, you will not even apprehend if the insert is really in cut, as they are really sound-isolated. every minute the machine is cutting air is extraordinarily expensive.”


“Everything we have a tendency to tend to try and do is based on shopper demands, but the Canadians we have a tendency to tend moulding all extraordinarily affected that we have a tendency to had listened to their problems and actually resolved them,” says promoting manager Nils Aksel Ruud.

Tjomsland gently puts his hand on the bar, and so the icon for deflection at once reacts on the screen. The interface is supposed to be intuitive and straightforward to know. Tjomsland’s passion for vogue and user experience has been very valuable inside the event of the package package.

Another one UN agency is enthusiastic about his job is R&D engineer Einar Leo Ottesen, World Health Organization is exploring additive manufacturing opportunities. “We endlessly have our eyes open for novel material and new ways in which of manufacturing our tools to create them stronger, lighter, smarter and lots of economical,” he says.

Curiosity and a desire to continuously learn new things ar two lots of things inside the puzzle of what makes the Sandvik Coromant team in Kingdom of Scandinavian country therefore wise at innovation.

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