Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Swelling Defect

Characteristic features Solid thickening on internal and external surfaces as well as edges of castings. Frequently appearing in association with rough casting surface. Incidence of the defect The defect may occur principally in areas which have not been optimally compacted. Also, it can often appear in lower sections of the mould. In the

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Scab Defect

Characteristic features Irregular, small to large-area solid metallic thickening, frequently several millimetres thick. Such defects often run parallel to the casting surface, their own surfaces being rough. The edges fre-quently exhibit so-called “undercuts”. Castings with solid scab-bing often exhibit sand crust inclusions. Incidence of the defect Scabs may appear on all casting surfaces

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Slag Inclusion

Characteristic features Irregular-shape, non-metallic inclusions, frequently on upper casting surfaces, which may occur in association with gas blow-holes. Incidence of the defect Slag is not only found at the microstructure grain boundaries but also on the surface of the casting. Slag may often appear in association with gas cavities. Highly viscous slags more frequently

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